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The Full Story


WindnWaves Shop is a family business, features wall art and a creative mix of products designed from image collection of Brewster Jennings photographs.


About Brewster Jennings

World adventurer and sportsman – Hovercraft Pilot – 100 tonnage Boat Captain – Ski and Snowboard Instructor – Certified Scuba Diver - Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Fanatic – World-Class Windsurfer – Exuberant and Talented Racquets Player – Lover of Nature,  and the Outdoors.  He is the James Bond of the 21st Century.

Brew, a single father of two, currently lives in Colorado.  He is the son of a hard-assed marine who helped lead the race to the moon in his role as Lunar Module Director of Apollo 13 at Grumman Aircraft.  Brew survived his childhood with eight older sisters, which might explain his passion for adventure, nature, and appreciating the beautiful things in life.

Brew’s WindnWaves Instagram has attracted a myriad of followers who appreciate his imaginative and sensitive eye for photography.

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